CBD for Sex: A Product That Claims to Enhance Your Performance and Mojo in the Bedroom

cbd for sex

Much has been written and said about CBD and the multitude of benefits it may have for those seeking an alternative means for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This potent plant extract has been shown to be beneficial in many areas of both physical and mental health.

And now, CBD is even being considered for its potential benefits to a man’s sexual health. It’s something many avoid talking about but read on to learn about the benefits of CBD for sex and how one product claims it could transform your sex life.

Benefits of CBD for sex

CBD may be beneficial in the bedroom for men for a few reasons. For starters, using CBD has a calming influence on the mind and can help with anxiety. Many men suffer from stress or performance anxiety which can quickly lead to unsatisfying sex.

Infact, anxiety and stress is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. The potential short-term benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids could be ideal for men who prefer to treat their ED situationally.

CBD can help you unwind and feel more at ease, which can heighten the enjoyment of the experience with your partner. It may also help you feel less inhibited and fixated on details that can disrupt those intimate moments.

Using CBD may increase the serotonin levels in the brain which can help to elevate your mood, increase your sensitivity to pleasure and hopefully enhance your sexual desire and overall experience.

Lastly, chronic pain can negatively impact the sex lives of both men and women. Studies show that CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory and can be effective as a means of managing pain.

A male enhancement pill with the natural benefits of CBD

CannaMojo CBD is the first of its kind, CBD-infused male enhancement pill. Made with pure cannabidiol and the most trusted, all-natural male enhancement powder, Canna Mojo promises that their potent combo will keep you “relaxed, anxiety free and ready to perform at your very best.”

Canna Mojo CBD for sex

CannaMojo founder and CEO, Edward Naylon, noticed a void in the CBD industry which is largely dominated with many feminine focused CBD products. He couldn’t find any male specific products or brands on the market, so he and his team created CannaMojo.

Their uniquely formulated supplement may also help with:

  • Rigidity, or improved erection and blood flow.
  • Longevity and longer lasting sex with better performance.
  • Improved recovery period and stamina so you can quickly return to pleasuring your partner.

Each CannaMojo pill contains 25mg of hemp derived cannabidiol and their proprietary male enhancement blend.

For maximum benefit, CannaMojo recommends taking 1 capsule 1 hour prior to sexual activity. Further, CannaMojo states that the effects of ingesting the all natural ingredients of a single capsule can last for days so your endorphins or “Mojo” stay activated.

You can learn more about CannaMojo CBD and the science behind their product by visiting their website. You can also save 20% off your order by using promo code Mojo20 at checkout.

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