Using CBD May Help Your Golf Game

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has taken the world by storm. It’s become a talking point across the horizon, from the pharmaceutical industry to the sports arena. In particular, golf has taken the recent spotlight due to it’s top performing athletes openly endorsing CBD products. Read on as we outline the benefits of CBD, and how you can benefit from this groundbreaking compound to continue your A-game – every time.

CBD Basics

Cannabidiol is one of the 113 cannabinoids that’s found in cannabis. It shouldn’t be mistaken with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the psychoactive component that gives you the “high” effect. Instead, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s been heavily researched for its therapeutic and medicinal properties.

Cannabidiol is typically derived from hemp, which is a subspecies of Cannabis sativa. The United States, Canada, and much of the European Union require that all hemp cultivated must contain 0.03% THC or less. If it contains higher than this amount, it’s considered illegal. 

As long as you’re purchasing CBD-based products from a reputable source that have been thoroughly lab tested, you’ll be free from higher-than-usual levels of THC. A CBD product that contains 0.03% THC is negligible, and won’t allow you to become intoxicated or high.

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The Benefits of CBD for Golfers

Now, let’s cut to the chase. Bubba Watson, Charley Hoffman, Lucas Glover, Morgan Hoffman, and many more pro-golfers have become brand ambassadors for various CBD companies. Although one can speculate there’s a significant financial incentive for them, there’s no denying that cannabidiol has a wide variety of health benefits that are backed by clinical trials. 

In a significant move, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from its’ list of banned substances in 2018. This lead the PGA to allow its players to promote CBD-products, as well as test positive for the compound. Although the PGA has yet to agree with its use entirely, the benefits have been outlined in a host of medical studies throughout the world. Let’s take a look at the primary benefits that can improve your golfing game, as well as your overall health.

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Reduce Injuries 

Are all those drives taking their toll on your arms and shoulder? How about your back, wrist or knees? These are all common pains associated with golfing, and they’re due to repetitive use of the same muscles and joints. 

Cannabidiol has been studied extensively to reduce inflammation and pain. CBD is known to activate specific proteins and compounds that directly trigger your endocannabinoid system. By doing so, swelling in the joints is reduced, and chronic pain is decreased*. 

Now, you can get back out on the green without feeling the background aches and pains that are keeping you from your old form. 

Increase Recovery Time

Potentially the most essential aspect of any sport, recovery time is crucial when performing day in and day out. Even if you’re not playing at the pro-level, you’ll still want to hit your best during the dawn patrol. 

CBD is known to increase your recovery time by allowing you to fall asleep with ease*. By getting an untroubled nights rest, you’re increasing your recovery rate. Your muscles can relax, as well as your mind, which keeps you fresh for the next day’s rounds. 

Reduce Everyday Stresses and Support A Sense of Calm and Focus

Anxiety and depression are phenomena that are found in every spectrum of society. Millions are affected by these two mental issues, and athletes at all levels experience it at some point or another. 

Maybe you’ve played too much recently, or you’ve placed too much pressure on yourself to perform at an optimal level. If so, then you may experience the pitfalls of anxiety and stress related to overtraining. Cannabidiol is a known anxiolytic (relieves anxiety) and can help you naturally heal your mental state*. 

Additionally, CBD can help ease your mind and relax you so you are better equipped to play at your best. A popular myth is that CBD is a sedative however taken in small doses, CBD can calm your mind and provide you better focus. The focus you may need on that first tee or to make the winning shot on the 18th hole.

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CBD’s Side Effects

Too often we see everyday athletes taking a cocktail of pills, which eventually harm major organs in the long run. Each of these pharmaceutical pills has a booklet of side-effects, not to mention a sky-high potential for addiction. 

CBD isn’t synthetic or addictive, but rather, a natural compound that’s been around for millennia. As with any new supplement, you should always contact your medical professional before use. 

By understanding the benefits of CBD and its potential side-effects, you can use cannabidiol to improve your golf game, as well as your overall health. 

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Tell us what you think. Have you used CBD for Golf or any other sports related pains or recovery? Leave us a comment below.

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