Blue Ridge Hemp Co Joint Care Bundle

Blue Ride Hemp Co takes industrial hemp derived CBD and combines it with other ethically and sustainably sourced Terpene rich botanicals to form products that allow all people to harness the healing power of Cannabis.

The Join Care Bundle contains their 3 products most commonly used for joint related conditions:

  • CBD Infused Salve
  • CBD Infused Massage & Body Oil
  • CBD Infused Joint Care Essential Oil Roll-On Blend

The CBD Infused Salve contains 200mg of CBD and other ingredients such as Capsicum, Mango Butter and Menthol Crystal to help prevent and relieve joint and nerve pain and inflammation. 

The CBD Infused Massage and Body oil contains 100mg of CBD and other oils such as sunflower, sesame seed and jojoba to relieve muscle and joint pain, soreness, spasms and inflammation.

The CBD Infused roll on contains 50mg of CBD and other essential oils. It can be applied anywhere for joint and nerve pain relief.

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